Closing The Deal – S45:E24 43:21 HD

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May Thai is showing a house to Jimmy Bud. She finds herself attracted to Jimmy, which leaves her making comments that are obviously sexual in nature. She offers to move in with Jimmy if he takes the place since it's too big for just him. Later, May sits Jimmy down on a couch and informs him that it's never been used. By the time May gets to her spiel about the couch never being used by anyone, Jimmy is certainly aware of the chemistry between them. May's hand on his thigh is all the permission he needs to lean in and begin kissing May, first on the lips and then working his way down her neck. Things continue to get intimate as May takes the lead. Peeling Jimmy out of his trousers, she springs his stiffie free. Presented with such a nice cock, May can't help but worship it. She sucks and strokes, spending plenty of time cupping the balls and licking her way up and down the shaft. Once May has finally satisfied herself, she makes intimate eye contact with Jimmy as she straddles his lap. Using one hand to keep Jimmy's hardon in place, she slides down on him until she's fully impaled. That's all May needs to bounce away in cowgirl ride. Falling to her back, May parts her thighs for Jimmy to kneel between them. He thrusts nice and deep, making May throw her head back and moan. She rewards him by climbing back onto his lap for a reverse cowgirl ride before they finish up in doggy. Now that May is sated, she makes sure to take care of Jimmy, too. On her belly between Jimmy's thighs, May worships the cock that just gave her so much pleasure with her hands and mouth. She keeps it up until Jimmy pops in her mouth to deliver a salty treat.

Published 7 months ago

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