Everything Else Can Wait – S43:E26 44:07 HD

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Lily Steele enjoys wearing clothes that are fashionable, but that flatter her slim and petite body. If they make it easy to get access to her tight body for her boyfriend Jamie Dion, all the better. She gets herself dressed and then goes to join Jamie where he's reading for school. Lily isn't interested in watching Jamie work. She tries to get his attention by massaging his shoulders and nibbling at his ear, but to no avail. Later, she finds Jamie in the kitchen preparing a snack. Snagging the treat right from Jamie's hands, Lily gets extra flirty with her love. When Jamie tries to drink some water, Lily takes the cup and dumps it down her front to turn her white shirt translucent. The sight of Lily's nipples through her sheer shirt is the ultimate enticement. Jamie can't say no to an invitation like that. He helps her out of the wet shirt between kisses, then moves down to take those plump titties into his hands and mouth. Helping Lily onto the counter, Jamie enjoys a boobie feast before he takes them to the bedroom. Laying on her belly in bed, Lily takes Jamie's dick in hand. Pulling him nice and close, she opens her mouth to begin sucking. She takes her time, making sure to play with and slurp the balls before she turns around to offer her pussy for a doggy style start to their coupling. Falling to their sides, the young lovers go for it in spooning. Jamie lifts Lily's leg nice and high to accommodate him deep inside. She throws her head back in delight as he gives it to her nice and deep. When Jamie lays down on his back, Lily climbs on top so that her pussy is riding his tongue. She rocks her hips back and forth, indulging in the sensation of that magical tongue slipping and sliding through her slit. Then she leans forward for a hot 69. The position makes it easy for Lily to slide down and ride the salami in reverse cowgirl. On her back, Lily spreads her thighs to accommodate Jaimie between them. He takes her slowly, keeping intimate eye contact as he makes her moan one last time. Pulling out, Jaimie nuts on Lily's stomach and chest, leaving her a salty treat to enjoy.

Published 2 years ago

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