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Sexy maid Lika Star is cleaning with her feather duster and rags. She's diligent in her work, which her employer, Lucky Bee, appreciates. Charlie Dean come home from his date with Lucky to find Lika still hard at work. Lucky tells Charlie that she knows he's always wanted to fuck a cleaning lady, and that this is his lucky day. Beckoning Lika over, Lucky cuddles close on one side of Charlie while Lika takes the other side. The two ladies immediately put their hands to work, stroking their fingers up and down Charlie's chest. Their hands move lower, eventually settling on Charlie's stiffie. Liking what they feel, the girls sink to the ground so they can unzip Charlie's pants and go to work indulging all three of their fantasies. Sucking Charlie's dick together gets their party kicked off. Eventually, Lika and Lucky begin taking turns gobbling that D while the other sucks the balls. Helping Lika out of her maid miniskirt, Lucky makes the next steps clear. She gets Lika onto her knees on the couch, leaving Lika's ass and pussy wide open for Charlie to lick and nuzzle. When Lucky pulls Lika's ass cheeks apart, Charlie uses two of his fingers to deliver a pussy pounding that gets her squealing. Lucky kneels beside Lika, presenting Charlie with a double pussy buffet to finger bang. Since Lika is still on her knees, it's simple enough for Charlie to take his hardon and guide it into her soft twat. Doing his maid in doggy is a super turnon for Charlie, but it's somehow almost hotter to do his wife in doggy while the maid occasionally steps in to suck the goo off his fuck stick. The girls ultimately give Charlie a double stack to keep on banging as Lika kneels beneath Lucky. Taking a seat on the couch, Charlie pulls the girls towards him. Lucky takes a seat on her hubby's dick, riding him in reverse cowgirl. Cuddling close to Charlie's side, Lika kneads one tit as Charlie sucks the other. His hand wraps around Lika's waist to rub her clit as Lucky keeps her ride going. Lucky takes Lika's place, bouncing her booty to ride in cowgirl while leaning forward to lap the musky juice from Lucky's fuck hole. Turning around, Lika hangs on for the ride as Charlie pistons hard into her tight twat. Lucky kneels beside them, doing anything she can to ensure their ultimate pleasure. On her side with one leg in the air, Lucky throws her head back in delight as Charlie slides back home into her cooch. Lika kneels between Lucky's thighs, licking and sucking Charlie's balls as he bangs his wife. When Charlie is ready to cum, the girls lay on their backs so they can each get a facial and mouthful of cum. Sharing a tongue-heavy kiss, they indulge in their salty treat together.

Published 2 years ago

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