The Best Laid Plans – S44:E8 43:45 HD

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Sharon White and Diane Crystal are having some hot girl time. The two blondes have each chosen some sexy lingerie to wind up the other. Climbing on top of Sharon, Diane gets to work kissing and loving on her girlfriend. She starts at Sharon's neck and then begins working her way down. Sharon has just been relieved of her thong with Diane face deep in her pussy when they hear a noise. Sharon has just enough time to grab her thong and listen to the plan Diane whispers in her ear before Diane's husband, Alex Spitter, walks into the room. His shock at seeing the two girls in lingerie in bed grows into confusion when they yell surprise and act as though they've been waiting for him. Diane tells Alex that she's been wanting a threesome and that her friend Sharon has agreed! Although Alex wasn't expecting that, he can't hide his arousal at the idea that it's all set up and the girls are ready to party. He doesn't have a chance to really absorb the situation before both girls have crawled across the bed to work together in a double blonde blowjob. Pushing Alex into the bed, Sharon and Diane keep on sucking cock to their heart's content. Diane is the first to straddle Alex's hips and ride her hubby in cowgirl while Sharon kisses her girlfriend and rubs her clit. Then it's Sharon's turn to get the D as she gets on her knees with Alex doing her in doggy while she eats Diane out. Sharon continues to enjoy Alex's ministrations once they change things up. Cradled in Diane's arms, Sharon is splayed wide open for Alex to give it to her sweet and slow. Next, the ladies create a lesbian 69 with Sharon on the bottom and Diane on top. Diane is faced away from Alex, which lets him take her from behind as Sharon licks and sucks the cock and balls. The girls are still feeling the need to cum again, so they get on their knees side by side. Alex takes that pussy buffet and goes for broke, dipping his dick into each of them in turn. He keeps up his good work until both girls are finally sated, then lays down so they can work their magic on him until he nuts in their mouths.

Published 1 year ago

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