Under Her Spell – S46:E12 03:48 HD

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Missy Luv just can't believe that she gets to have Raul Costa to herself. She peeks in on him the morning after, adoring the way he looks while he's asleep. Climbing back into bed with Raul, Missy runs her hand down his body until she finds his morning wood, waking him in the best way possible. Opening his eyes to the delightful sight of Missy, Raul peppers her face with kisses. She takes that as permission to move lower down his body, opening her mouth and dipping her head for a blowjob. Acting as though she has all the time in the world, Missy swirls her tongue and slurps, delighting in the sweet hardness. Raul comes back with a pussy feast. He presses Missy to the bed and puts his hot tongue to work between her thighs, eking out one moan after another. When Raul's fingers join in on the fun, Missy throws her head back in pure bliss. The only thing better than Raul's tongue between Missy's thighs is his dick. He spoons behind her and slides home, pressing nice and deep as Missy opens herself for him. Then Raul rolls onto his back and pulls Missy on top of him to let her take the lead. She does exactly that, riding in reverse cowgirl and then letting Raul piston up inside her. Turning around, Missy continues to ride, this time in cowgirl. There's just enough time for Missy to suck her own juices from Raul's hardon before he has her on her knees in front of him. Anchoring his hands on Missy's ass, Raul shoves back inside. He's fully awake now and definitely feeling the heat between them as he gives her the D nice and deep. When Missy rolls onto her back, her entire body is splayed out for Raul to enjoy. He sinks back into her greedy coochie one last time, giving Missy everything she needs to cum. Then Raul pulls out and takes his own bliss as he blows his load all over her belly.

Published 4 months ago

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