Winning On Date Night – S43:E8 08:50 HD

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Date night is always fun for Emelie F and Nikki Nutz. Watching a movie together gives them a chance to cuddle on the couch. When Nikki offers Emelie some candy, she takes him up on it. That gives Nikki the chance to get nice and playful, dropping the candy down Emelie's shirt so he can go in and retrieve it. Once her breasts have been popped out, Emelie gives up all pretense. Her hand massages Nikki's hardon while Nikki's hand drifts between Emelie's thighs. Crawling into Nikki's lap, Emelie lets him go to work suckling her boobs as his hand works overtime to rub her clit. Easing Emelie onto her back, Nikki commits himself to his girlfriend's pleasure. He tugs her shorts off and then slides her thong to the side. Once Nikki has revealed the goods, he goes in for a lick that turns into a full blown feast. How can Emelie do anything less than give Nikki her best blowjob in return? Date night just keeps on getting sexier as Emelie climbs on top of Nikki and slides on home. Rocking her hips with the help of Nikki's hands around her waist, Emelie sets a sensual rhythm to their coupling. Leaning forward, she keeps that sensual eye contact with Nikki before turning around so she can ride even harder in reverse cowgirl. When Emelie falls to her side Nikki is right there with her to spoon behind her. He reenters her creamy cooch from behind, giving it to her slow and deep. Lifting Emelie's thigh higher, Nikki gives to her harder. Getting to his knees, Nikki helps Emelie get onto her own hands and knees. Watching over her shoulder, she mewls happily as Nikki slams back home. Emelie has plenty of cushion for the pushin' for Nikki to hang on to as he bangs her in doggy. Dropping to the ground in front of Nikki, Emelie opens her mouth and closes her eyes in preparation for Nikki's hot and salty surprise.

Published 2 years ago

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